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What We Do

Strategy. creative development. connection. Execution.

Some of the great brands and properties Donna helped build.

Some of the great brands and properties Donna helped build.

Brand Strategy & Management

  • Take a 360 degree view of how your audience wants to experience your brand

  • Articulate your brand vision and core values

  • Make sure everything you create sticks to your brand

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Content Development

  • Ensure your creative end-product will hit list mark with kids or its intended audience

  • Reach out to our rich network of creative talent to help you get there

Business Development

  • Source new business opportunities

  • Provide advice on deal structuring and financing options

  • Help assess overall business viability

Executive Production

  • Will find the right partners, talent, distributors, financiers, etc. to bring a project to life on time, on budget and to the highest level of quality 

Marketing &           Sales Strategy

  • Raise your company or brand visibility... in non-traditional ways

  • Help you prepare for and pitch the our rich global network of channel, production and distribution partners

Project Evaluation/Creative Review

  • Review a project to gauge its commercial viability and give direction on next steps 

Staff Development

  • Can mentor young talent -- to both help them grow as individuals, and for companies to get the best work product from them