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Donna is a powerhouse of energy and a real pleasure to work with – she brings to us her greatest asset, the rare ability to see the ‘big picture’ and the smallest detail. She contributes to both with honest unflinching opinions and incomparable expertise.
— Dave Edwards, Dave Edwards Entertainment Media
Within 30 minutes after meeting Donna, she was able assess the strengths and challenges of my company with greater clarity than anyone we had previously worked with. She introduced us to a number of strong, strategic partners and showed us a clear and meaningful way to create and grow our business.

Donna stands out as a person of extraordinary intelligence and integrity. I count her among the most important friends and advisors we have.
— Edward Bilous, founder Cornucopia Arts
Donna Friedman Meir is a true partner to our company. Her perspective challenged us to refine the focus, message and strategic approach of the business. Donna raises our game every time we talk with her.
— Kate Ebner, The Nebo Company
Donna Friedman Meir is a force of nature. Generous, brilliant and strategic… Donna genuinely knows how to make things happen. She does in one month what it takes others a year! She’s the first person I’d hire in a new endeavor.
— Amy Friedman, Redhead Consulting
Donna Friedman Meir is a smart, passionate, diligent kids’ media executive who brings strategic and bold creative thinking to every project. She is a fearless leader who adds fire to every team. Donna and I have worked together in a variety of capacities over the past 20 years and I know her to be a great collaborator and a good friend.
— Scott Webb, Co-Founder Static-Free Media
When we were developing and pitching some of the first truly cross-media concepts in the early 2000s, Donna was that rare client who had the insight to see and understand the opportunity as well as the drive to make them happen. I was thrilled to later work with her as colleague and partner. She has the enthusiasm and experience to help make projects become a reality.
— Tinsley Galyean, PhD MIT Media Lab, Founder Nearlife, Co-Founder Static-Free Media